Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A comedy of errors.

As I was going up the stairs, sometime in the morning, Lekha had asked as to whether we could go to Kottarakkara despite the bad roads and waterlogged areas enroute. After more than a month's stay without any movement, her request was understandable. It was then that I'd decided to go and set 12 o'clock as the kick off time.

The house was progressively shut down while the maid continued with her work. Packing was done and the bags were brought down to the entrance for being loaded into the boot. The first rap on my knuckles was when the Chevy didn't respond to the remote and it was then that I noticed that the ever blinking LED on the dash wasn't active. I'd then opened the driver's door manually and kick started the engine which thrummed with no reluctance whatsoever.

The engine seemed to be running without any problem but what worried me was the continuous blinking of the battery icon on the dash meter. Perhaps, after running the distance - it was about 600 km up and down - the battery would get charged and the problem would get solved on its own but with Lekha along, I wouldn't take any chance with lingering problems that could flare out into a major one!

What also held me back was that today was a holiday on account of the Eid ul Adha. The Geeyem Motors would be closed, I'd presumed. But what I came to know much later was that they were working today owing to the loss of work, the whole of last week, because of flooding/water logging of the premises!

The trip was cancelled and 'The Quarterdeck' was opened up all over, again. Had called up our neighbour to tell them about the change of plan. Thankfully, I'd not called up the newspaper boy asking him to discontinue his services for the weekend! The day, then, continued as usual with us going through our chores.


I'd started up the Chevy only three days before and found that everything was in order. I'd dusted the vehicle and removed the traces of wetness on the upholstery which would otherwise result in fungal growth. So, what had transpired over the last two days? I felt bad for having let Lekha down for not being ready to do what she'd wanted! Bad show, Rajeev!!


It's becoming increasingly clear that the floods that had devastated the state, last fortnight, was man made, in that, the KSEB did not get their act right in opening up the shutters and the sluice gates of the dams. Generate electricity and make profits by selling it out to the other states seem to be their sole priority. Sad!    

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