Monday, October 15, 2018

All in a day's work.....

Saw Rahul Gandhi with a lamp in front of a deity of a Hindu temple. He was clearly ill at ease with the job that he had been asked to perform for his party, in view of the forthcoming general elections. A few weeks back his brother-in-law was on a similar beat. Come on guys, have a heart! Do you think that the public is gullible enough to accept the fact that you've become a devout Hindu? Who's giving these guys such hare-brained ideas?

The younger generation, I thought, would refrain from the use of symbolisms and religious activities and put across their arguments through a coherent thinking process. But, sadly, it doesn't seem to be.

And then, comes an unnecessary row over a good Hindu and a bad Hindu, all to foment trouble when the stakeholders of the Ayadhya Ram temple are quietly trying to work out a satisfactory settlement. Shashi Tharoor was the proponent of this amazing(?) theory. Why doesn't he clear the doubt about his complicity in Sunanda Pushkar's tragic end?

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The Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes(AMMA) has aired their differences publicly with the secretary, Siddique and the treasurer, Jagadish voicing different opinions. While the former supports Dileep, the latter wants to get back the female artistes who've resigned from the organisation on account of Dileep! What made it look sad and disgusting was the manner in which the senior actress, KPAC Lalitha had pitched in for Dileep. It was only a few days back that she'd blamed the late Adoor Bhasi for making advances on her, which was sexual in nature.

The Malayalam film industry requires a face lift and introduction of ethical working procedures with a zero tolerance on sexual harassment. A fear-free workplace is all that it needs but looks difficult to achieve at this point of time. Sad!

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The minister-of-state for External Affairs, MJ Akbar had returned from his trip abroad to slap a defamation suit against the journalist, Priya Ramani. There, are 14 other cases Mr. Minister, and do you plan to file similar cases in each? Whom are you trying to kid?

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The person who seems to have reaped the benefit of all the controversies - the Sabarimala protests, the #Me too revelations, etc - is none other than the dubious Franco Mulackal, the discredited bishop for all his sexual shenanigans, by managing a bail. The havoc that he's gonna create is difficult to be estimated but he'll ride roughshod over the poor nuns who had shown guts by raising their voices. Only hope that my fears are unfounded....


Still reeling under an overpowering weakness, wonder why?  

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