Thursday, October 25, 2018

Tackling the problem.

Tackling of this illness is to overcome the nausea and that's a bothersome thing. There's an anti-nausea tablet that's to be had, before food, thrice a day along, of course, with an antibiotic to contain the infection. Today, was spent in doing just that and Rema, my sister, was of a great help as she took it upon herself to take care of the administration of medicines..

The weakness persists and a general feeling of restlessness prevails. Padmakumar, poor guy, came by bus after his return from office as Achu was stuck at a meeting. On completion, he, too, had come in bringing in their car. By evening, the house was full and after dinner, Padmakumar, Rema and Achu had set off for Palakkad.

Nothing untoward and I seem to be coasting to a normal course to recovery.


Had taken a laxative, as prescribed by the doctor, at bedtime. 

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