Saturday, December 31, 2016

The year that was.......

Up till now, when the entire world was poised to bid good bye to a year and ring in the new year, I used to be excited, connect up with my friends and relatives to exchange messages and wishes but this time, it was different. There was an inherent sadness at the year slipping past, as mom was with us for 248 days of 2016!

I shan't forget the ill fated date of 04 Sep '16 when my mom passed into the mist of time around 1158 hrs and it will remain a bitter truth till my very end. I was left an orphan, with an overwhelming feeling of guilt that I could have done more, conversed with her much more, spent more time with her........why did I fritter away those golden chances? Was she happy being my mom? Will I get a chance to be her son in my next life? More aptly, would she like to have me as her son, all over again if that possibility existed?

She watches us from the photograph on the mantelpiece with that knowledgeable, naughty smile of her's.

When we used to walk in our courtyard every evening around a half past 5, she used to tell me, "I'm getting you to myself after all these years and after all, I've gone through pain to give birth to you and it's but natural that you look after me. And I look forward to these walks with you". I always used to reply that there was nothing great about my accompanying her! Her innocence was a striking part of her personality!!

Why did you've to go so suddenly mom? The year shall always be remembered with her memories! RIP mom! My tears and prayers. You're being missed at every waking hour!

.......Maman had called around dinnertime, from Somatheeram, recalling the 2014 new year's celebration at the same place with mom. She'd thoroughly enjoyed it and was a picture of great dignity, interacting with each and everyone who'd come to meet and spend time with her. The nip in the air, by the seaside didn't dampen her enthusiasm!

        *                                     *                                        *

Heard the Prime Minister on television, telling all of us about his actions post 50 days of demonetisation. The country is poised to do well on the economic front, in the days to come, after the initial slowing down.


15 Mar of this year is another unforgettable day because it was on this day that Lekha's dad had passed into the mist of time. Never expected him to go off so soon.....he'd lived life on his terms and did not let his medical problems cramp his style! RIP dad. My tears and prayers.

Unlike me, Lekha has not talked much about it but I know that she misses him. 

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