Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The news views.

1. The Gathering Storm.

The economy has slowed down and it was bound to happen with tough reforms being undertaken one after the other. The demonetisation of November last and the introduction of GST, this year was anticipated to slow down the economy. Things have to settle down and they will eventually bring up the economy in the long run.

The opposition is gonna take advantage of the current situation and it's but a natural phenomenon in politics. There's nothing wrong with it! Lies and half truths will be bandied about and the government must be ready with adequately smart measures to give the necessary upswing to the economy and thereby, counter the propaganda.

All the political players know that it would be a dream to win the general elections of '19, because the government that comes to power will enjoy the fruits of the reforms, painstakingly being undertaken now.

And that is the reason for the voice of the naysayers to have reached the crescendo, as of now. That it also contains the voices of BJP leaders like Yashwant Sinha, Subramaniam Swamy and the likes makes it all the more painful and difficult for PM Modi.

2. Dileep's Antics.

Film actor Dileep's, yet another appeal for bail in the High Court, will get the court's decision on
Friday. The actor's latest movie, 'Ramaleela' is also being released that day, across Kerala and other
selected places. The movie's promotion is being carried out on all television channels with the film
fraternity vehemently supporting him as if to say that he can do no wrong!

Strange! Is he expecting a sympathy wave from the masses? One thing, however, needs to be said. If his movie has the right mix and a good story, it can have the cash registers ringing but will it wipe off the guy's evil side? Am also looking forward to the Malayalam film industry's response and their collective attitude towards him, subsequent to that.

3. Political Affilations.

One's political affiliations must never come in the way of personal relationships. In fact, it must be understood that everyone has his/her own political affiliation and it should be given its due respect. Despite that, if people were to persist with their political agenda, according to me, it could portend  one of the following:-

     (a) They're trying to foist their political ideology on me or
     (b) They're ridiculing my political affiliations.

Both the options are unacceptable. So, why discuss politics or if it becomes absolutely necessary, let us be magnanimous enough to agree to disagree with no hard feelings!


Had taken Lekha to the Vasan Dental Center, out here, for a root canal treatment of one of her teeth, as recommended by her doctor at Ernakulam. The consultant doctor, on seeing the x-ray, thinks otherwise. They'll discuss and arrive at a decision by Tuesday next, when we make a visit there.

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