Saturday, July 21, 2018

Everything is pre-ordained!

This morning I got an unexpected call from Visanth, the caretaker's elder son who'd left the IN a few months back on completion of his initial years of engagement of 15 yrs. I'd overseen his entry into the service and had given him a piece of advice then, that he should give up his career only if the 'second innings' was worthier. It was this point that he'd recalled when he informed me about his selection as one of the ground crew - commensurate with what he was doing while in the IN - at the Bangalore International Airport Ltd.

He sought a convenient date to call on us before he took up his new responsibility in the first week of next month. Lekha and I were happy for him and for the good tidings. His dad, too, had called up to express his gratitude.

   *                       *                         *

Preetha, the maid, reported on arrival that during yesterday's medical review of her's, every test - and there was a battery of them - could be done without having to shell out money from her wallet because there was a drive on to provide it free of cost. Her parameters were within limits but she had to spend almost the entire day at the hospital, as the specialist looking after her, was carrying out surgery, being Friday. Phew!

    *                       *                        *

Lekshmi, my niece and Manikutty, her daughter had arrived by lunch time and it was nice catching up with the little one as I was all along waiting to hear about her studies, every day activities and the extra curricular activities that she pursued during her training for medicine at the JIPMER, in Pondicherry. She's in the second year and definitely seems to be enjoying her education!

Sabu, her dad and Madhav, the son - he's just been enrolled in the NIT at Trichy last week - arrived by tea time. They had driven all the way from Karaickal at 6, in the morning. The family is gonna be here at Guruvayur and will be at prayers within the premises of the temple till Tuesday - a ritual that the four of them perform every year, without fail. It's remarkable, both Lekha and I are impressed at their commitment and devotion. Make sure that good things happen to them, Gurvayurappa!

I, also, took the opportunity to hand over a task to Sabu to find a suitable employment for young Raja, an engineer and the son of Selvam, the dhobi who visits us once a fortnight with his press-on-pushcart. Actually, the father had given his son's curriculum vitae to me about three months back hoping that I'd be able to find the youngster a suitable employment, commensurate to his education. I like the lad because he substitutes for his dad despite having a BTech under his belt and does not find it infradig to press clothes for his dad's customers.

Incidentally, I'd slotted him for being assimilated into the Foundation during the next enrollment cycle. The only requirement would have been to put him through a crash course in Malayalam so that he could interact with the people while putting them through the paces of digital literacy. Selvam, incidentally, has a daughter who's doing post graduation in humanities. The family subsists on his meagre savings of pressing clothes on his push cart - and as he says, the rains have reduced his earnings!

Sabu has agreed to slot him into a good job and the thing that gladdens me is that he would be gainfully employed near his hometown of Pondicherry while Sabu, himself, worked at the ONGC in Karaickal! My worries about Raja's employment have been put to rest, finally!!

Yes, everything is pre-ordained!


There has been a let up on the rains though the sky was overcast most of the day.       

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