Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lekha's tumble!

We had got up at 4, gone through the chores and were ready before 7. As planned last night, the aim was to load the luggage by 7 into the vehicle earmarked for us, have breakfast and kick off to the airport by 8. We were slated to take off from Bubaneshwar, transit through Madras and reach Kochi, around sunset.

We managed to leave 'Empires' by 8 and because of the comparatively sparse traffic on the highway, we could reach the airport by a quarter to 10. There was sufficient time for our aircraft to arrive and we finally took off at 5' past 12......and reached Madras by a half past 1. The peculiarity of the lay out of the airport was that the transit passengers made it to the arrival, to repeat a security check to get through the rigmarole of the second departure procedure!

Soon after the 'Security Check'was over and we were poised to go for lunch, disaster struck. Lekha was going towards the 'gate' that we were to depart from, following a misstep on the elevator she took a nasty tumble. I could only helplessly and to my horror, watch it happen as I was a couple of steps behind her. The elevator was quickly shut down by a watchful staff and it prevented a major catastrophe. Sivakumar and another person helped me get her back on her feet but I could see that it had left her badly shaken.

A quick observation confirmed that she did not have any serious injury, except for a few superficial bruises and she was able to walk without any hassle. I told myself, then and there, that from now on whenever there was an option to use an elevator or an escalator. only the latter would be chosen.

Subsequently, it was a long wait at gate 5 and then, at  gate 4 because our flight to Kochi had finally taken off at a half past 5. There was an excitement among the passengers that a cine actress - didn't know her name - was travelling along with us.

Meanwhile, I'd spoken to the manager of the hotel about our arrival and he'd messaged me that Jaison would be there, with the vehicle, to pick us up. His cell number was also passed on. Consequently, we were at the Golf View by 7 to be received by Mr. George and a welcome drink!

After a quick wash and change and viewing television, we went down to the restaurant for supper. Stanley - a bachelor in his 50s - looked after us and made interesting conversation. Returned to the room and had helped Lekha with the pain balm to sort out the aches and the pains. Hope she's refreshed by morning after a good night's sleep.

Felt very tired after the day long travel and hit the sack soon after.


It was a good outing except for the fall that Lekha had. We could get a slice of Orissa over a short span of four days and meet a large number of our Naval friends!

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