Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mom's back at 'The Quarterdeck'.

The day had begun as usual and I was getting ready to leave by 10, after Ravi's arrival. I was about to get under the shower when Radhan chettan knocked on the door. He seemed to be in a pensive mood and gave me the impression that he wanted to have a long chat. He, usually, comes in an auto rickshaw, makes him wait for a while as he spends time with us but today, he'd let it go away.

He must have had a tiff with his wife as he kept repeating that women were selfish and that they're only bothered about their own selves. I didn't have the heart to send him away abruptly but he must have sensed the general haste that was prevalent and left, soon after. He'd to walk a hundred steps to the highway to board an auto rickshaw. Frail and stumbling, he walked away in the hot sun and I saw him recede into the bend at the far end of the cobbled pathway.

Ravi came soon after and we pushed off for Palakkad, at a quarter past 10. The journey was nice and Ravi, pulled the car into a secluded stretch of the road when I'd asked him to stop at a tea shop, for tea and easing of the bladder, his explanation being that the tea shop that he'd take me to didn't have a toilet! It was then that I'd to tell him that urinating in public is something that I abhorred and especially, these days when someone passing by could capture you in his cellphone and pass it around on the social media!! One doesn't quite cherish the idea of attaining fame for the wrong reasons!!!

The tea was had from the same bunk where we'd left a kitten on our previous trip. The kitten is being looked after well by a nearby family, looks grown a bit and seems to have accepted its new home. They're gracious enough to allow me to use their rest room.

We reached my sister's place at a quarter to 1. A quick lunch and we were on our return leg, with mom, by a half past 2. We're back at 'The Quarterdeck' by 4.


Must check out on as to what's bothering Radhan chettan, one of these days.

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