Monday, April 25, 2016

The US Viewpoint.

News bytes from the US election scene have been coming thick and fast. I've always wondered as to what the yanks - shorn of all the niceties - think about us, Indians.

While I venture into the subject I must hasten to add that I've a few very good yank friends that I've picked up over the years and have found them to be genuine.

Let me quote the news bytes verbatim,

 Le Page, the Republican Governor of Maine says that "the Indian workers are the worst and the          hardest ones to understand" and went on to stress the need for an interpreter to talk to an Indian! This  was a day after the Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump had mocked the Indian call  centers. Both of them, though, were quick to describe the Indians as lovely people and India as a
 great place respectively, soon after.

It could be election rhetoric and a sore point among the yanks is that much of their jobs have been taken away by the Indians. Hence, such speeches may get them votes but is it really only rhetoric, that too, pursued by a very few? It has to be admitted that the main stream politicians have never touched upon these aspects as they nurture the Indian American voters.

I've friends of mine who're green carders and naturalised citizens out there, who've on the quiet admitted that the brown skinned come only after the blacks in the pecking order and there are many clubs/restaurants that are out of bounds for an Indian. I've always, therefore, wondered as to what keeps them there - Money? A permissive society? State-of-the-art technology? Or a combination of all which continues to remain a dream, back home, though the difference is narrowing?


I feel pity on people like Madhuri Dixit Nene and many others like her, who return after a few years/months stay in the US, only to talk in that nasal drawl trying to imitate the yanks' conversational style often ending up sounding comical! However much you try to imitate them, now you've a fair idea as to what they think about you and your pronunciation. So why don't you be just yourself. Please?  

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