Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back at 'The Quarterdeck'.

The day had begun, for us, at 3 AM. Lekha's alarm had gone off and she was up and about. I'd got up a half an hour later just to ensure that there was no 'crowding'! We were ready by 5 and it was Maariyappan, aka maari, who was late by 10 minutes. Without much ado we'd left Letha's house and headed straight for Padmakumar's house at Pidavoor. Said our 'pranams' to Pidavoor amma and Bharathi chechi and Rema joined us on our onward trip.

Maari, a professional driver, drove with ease and we were at the Motel Aram at Alappuzha by a quarter to 8, in time for breakfast. The traffic wasn't overbearing and we were at Shenoy Care by a 10' past 9. Just we were disembarking, Lekha said that she'd not got the the prompt from the clinic regarding her appointment today and the security personnel on duty told us that Dr. Shenoy was not going to be there today.

It was, then, that I realised that he usually was away at Changanasserry on Wednesdays and hence, the reason for no communication! The lady at the reception felt really sorry for our predicament and flipping through the prescription, I realised that the appointment was, indeed, on 06 Sep. A terrible faux pas on the part of yours truly! We quickly went off to the state road transport corporation bus stand, Ernakulam and saw Rema off in a super fast bus to Palakkad.

We, then, headed for the naval canteen to buy the grocery. Could get a temporary pass made for Maari, so that he could chauffeur us in and Commander Chakraborty was a great help. Met Satish Pillai, George Scaria and Anand. After completing our work within about an hour, we headed straight to my cousin's house at Gandhi Nagar for lunch. Ramakrishnan, my brother-in-law, joined us for the onward trip to Guruvayur as he was gonna spend the night with us!

Rema had reached her home by a half past 3 after lunch with her son at a hotel.

The highway via Kodungallor was bad with too many potholes at regular intervals. Maari, really, did have a tough time dodging them. We reached 'The Quarterdeck' by about 4 PM and began the unpacking, sorting out. Meanwhile, Ramakrishnan went for his 'darshan' of the Guruvayurappan.

It was nice catching up with him after what seemed to be a long while!


George will be taking us in his car to the doctor's clinic and back tomorrow. Luckily, we will be leaving only at a half past 6.  

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