Friday, September 7, 2018

What's this script?

Navjot Singh Sidhu is yet to get over his unwanted hug of the Pakistani Army chief at the time of the swearing in of Imran Khan as Prime Minister. He has been trying to justify his action through press conferences that he has called for, subsequently but has not been convincing. Today, he has thanked the Pakistani PM for enabling the opening of the Kartarpur corridor.

The Kartarpur corridor will allow pilgrims from India to go to the Darbar Saheb Gurudwara in Pakistan - close to the India-Pakistan border - which is associated with Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Devji.

Consequently, quite a few questions rise:-

   (a) Why is Sidhu announcing it? What is his locus standi to do so? 
   (b) Usually it's through a government to government communication that such an action is passed
         on and acknowledged. Here, nothing of that sort has happened and shouldn't the necessary
         directives be issued by our government to facilitate movement of the people, ultimately?
   (c) Is Sidhu's action tantamount to making it a Congress initiative and hog the credit, if at all
         there's any?
   (d) The motive behind Sidhu's announcement, therefore, is getting curious!

    *                     *                       *

The hype that has been created around Rahul Gandhi's Kailash Manasarovar trip, again, has been inappropriate. Well, if he wants to gain more insight about Hinduism then there are many other ways to achieve it, not by this symbolism! And while on such trips, usually, one looks for solitude and shuns publicity completely because it annuls the fundamental theme of achieving a spiritual uplift.

And again why such an exercise in the eve of an election year? Is it because he and his party now feel that they have gone overboard with their minority appeasement by their actions and words up till now? Is there a deliberate action to project the party's president as a believer of all religions?

I can only say that these gimmicks are not gonna affect the common man because they're seeing through all this 'tamasha'!..........the games the politicians play!

2. Yet Another Chinese Move.

China has agreed to allow Nepal to use four of its sea ports and three land ports for third-country trade to conduct international commerce. Nepal will be able to access Shenzen, Lianyungang, Zhanjiang and Tianjin, the latter being the nearest sea port at a distance of 3,300 km from the Nepalese border. Similarly, Nepal has been allowed to use Lanzhou, Lhasa and Xigatse land ports(Dry ports) as well, which will provide alternative routes for Nepal to carry out international trade.

The Madhesi agitation of '15 had forced Nepal to explore trade links with China and reduce its long dependence on India. With the Nepal Communist Party in saddle, the efforts seem to have paid off.


Went to town to complete a few pending jobs. The heat, close on the heels of the deluge, has become unbearable.

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