Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hats off to you, Tanushree Dutta!

Tanushree Dutta, you're the proverbial Bengali tigress. Take a bow from me for taking on a Bollywood stalwart on his shenanigans. In fact, I'd heard about your reactions in 2008 itself when the unfortunate incident had taken place and for having stood your ground, you lost out on a blossoming career. The sad part was that there was none from the Hindi film industry - especially, the female stars - who came out in support of you.

And Nana Patekar, the accused, had laughed away the whole thing as a figment of your imagination and that you're alleging misdemeanour on his part for the sake of publicity and to gain a foothold in the industry, being a newcomer! Probably, because of lack of support from fellow actors - and in this, I include both, male and female actors for being gutless to stand up for a wronged, young lady - you'd decided to go into oblivion. I'd wondered, then, as to why you weren't pursuing the case's logical end when your honour was at stake. I can understand, now, as to what made you backtrack then!

At this juncture, I must elucidate on Nana Patekar's misdemeanour that Tanushree had brought out in the open. And I'm quoting the inimitable Shobha De, "The alleged incident had taken place in 2008 on the sets of a movie titled, "Horn OK Pleasss". She claims the harassment took place in full public view when Patekar behaved inappropriately touching, pushing and shoving her during a dance sequence which did not feature him in the first place. She (A former Miss India) insists she protested and complained, but nobody stepped forward to help her or stop Patekar. Her story gets worse. She says, she and her parents were threatened and intimidated by the representatives of a political party when they left the set, after Patekar made a phone call. The intimidation took a serious turn when her car was vandalised and her safety was under threat. Had the police not turned up in time, Tanushree and her parents could have suffered serious injuries. That ordeal effectively ended her career". Along with the star, she has also included Ganesh Acharya (Choreographer), Sami Siddiqui (Producer) and Rakesh Sarang (Director).

More actresses have, now, come out in support of Tanushree and on one television interview, I heard Dimple Kapadia saying that Nana Patekar was obnoxious! Tanushree seems to be surprised on her support now because she'd gone on to act three films with Nana Patekar, then, soon after her unfortunate experience!

This incident reaffirms the fact that many things are not right in the film industry and need to be set right. A couple of years back, the harassment of an actress of the Malayalam film industry had attained notoriety because of the leading male star, Dileep's involvement. The sad part is that the case is yet to come up in court because the defence has been putting one stumbling block after the other to slow the case down!

Hats off to you, Tanushree Dutta for your bold stand. I'm sure you'll get justice for the ordeal that you've been through. Stay brave and the truth will win in the end!


My cough has, finally, come under control. Thankfully, I'd successfully quarantined myself and Lekha has been unaffected. Thank God for minor mercies!


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