Tuesday, September 4, 2018

It's been two years!

Exactly two years back on this unfortunate day, my mom had passed into the mist of time. I was mindful of the time and was tracking every minute, today, till 1158 hrs when she'd breathed her last. The shock, the loss and the sadness continue to prevail. Why did she have to go away so soon? Why didn't I get the idea of the 'sayanapradakshinam' at the Guruvayur temple? If I'd done it she would have been with us even now.........my fault!

       *                     *                       *

Was up with the lark, literally, after a nice sleep. Was amused when my sister, as well as the caretaker, asked me last night as to whether I wasn't scared of being at home all by myself, through the night. My answer to them was that mom and dad would take care of me and therefore, fear was out of the question. The caretaker was at the entrance, calling out to me, to hand over the piping hot tea that he'd brought along from his house.

Lekha and Letha, had meanwhile gone off to Thiruvananthapuram along with Maari, as the chauffeur to invite our relatives for the latter's son's wedding.

After going through the paces of the chores and the prayers, I was ready by 9 when Rema had called up to say that she was coming towards me by bus. A quick shut down of the house and soon, we were hurtling towards Kottarakkara. The connecting bus to Kollam was ready at the bus stand and we continued on our journey.

There was a third connecting bus from the Kollam bus stand that we boarded on arrival, to go to Kavanad but I made a mistake in identifying the right stop for disembarkation. I'd gone about a kilometer ahead and had to retrace our steps in the prevalent heat. Finally, we were at Varadamma appachi's place by 11. And wasn't she thrilled to see us?

She looked frail after her recent illness for which she was hospitalised during Thiruvonam. I'd my doubt earlier because her landline - usually, answered only by her - kept ringing when I'd called her to wish her a happy onam! She had caught up with a viral fever ending up with a lot of sputum in her lungs which had to be forcibly removed by the doctor. She is, definitely, looking much better now and she wouldn't let us go without having lunch and wouldn't listen to any of our excuses.

Accordingly, she called up her favourite eatery and placed an order for lunch for all of us. Meanwhile, her late husband's nephew, Babu, had dropped by and it was great to meet up with him after a long while. By the time we'd taken leave of appachi, it was a half past 2. The connecting buses for our return were available without having to wait much. Rema got into another bus from Kottarakkara and so, we'd parted ways from there.

On return to Raj Nivas, it was winding up time and also to take leave of my parents. After shutting down the house, the keys were handed over to the caretaker and I was off for Lekha's sister's place to spend the evening.


Tomorrow, it's gonna be an early day. We set off at 5 to be at Shenoy Care before 9, for Lekha's medical review.     

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