Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The tremendous odds to overcome.

Facing increasing stigma and persecution from local church authorities ever since she accused Jalandhar Bishop, Franco Mulackal, of repeatedly raping her, the Kottayam-based nun has written to the Pope's envoy in India pleading that a speedy inquiry be conducted into the case and that the bishop be removed from all his responsibilities.

Meanwhile the bishop, who is in the eye of the storm, has countered that he was innocent and that the rape charges against him were instigated by the anti-church groups. It's alleged that he is using his power and pelf to scuttle the probe on his misconduct. What needs to be understood is that this case will depend heavily on circumstantial evidence and hence, will be a tough legal act for the truth to come out!

Meanwhile, the silence of the local church authorities has been deafening. It must be a tremendous mental agony that the nun is undergoing. She fears threat to her family members. It's the growing support from every section of the society to the agitating nuns at Kochi that gives the crusade, an impetus, against a corrupt priest. That must be helping her maintain her sanity in these troubled times.

Why do we dither when serious allegations are charged against powerful people? Do we endorse an unwritten thinking among a few of us that law should be different for different people? Enormous delay in applying corrective measures is an indicator of the rottenness of the system.

It's my sincere hope that the guilty is brought to book at the earliest thereby, bringing the sordid story to an end. Measures must also be instituted to ensure that a fool proof, transparent mechanism is put in place to avoid recurrences of similar unpleasant happenings!

Do the people sitting at the apex of the church's hierarchy have the will and the guts to bring about a revolutionary change? If affirmative, the system will strengthen and the others will look up to it as a beacon of rectitude! 


1. Mini had met the doctor and got a replenishment of the medicines for her troublesome ligament. Lekha had met the advocate and has given her the necessary directives to dispose off the house. She had, also, visited the house before boarding the return bus. They were back by tea time.

2. Tomorrow is gonna be a day of travel. We would be boarding the Guruvayur-Edamon Passenger which will help us get off at Kuri Halt, the nearest railway station to Raj Nivas. The following are the serials during our brief stay:-

      (a) See the progress of de-weeding that's currently going on around the house. 9 mandays have
            been consumed and 16 remain!
      (b) Hand over the books to the library on behalf of a Girls' Lower Primary School on the
            occasion of the Founding day of the Kerala Grandhasala Sangham ie. 14 Sep.
      (c) Attend Gopu's (Lekha's friend's son) engagement ceremony at Kayankulam on the 16th.
      (d) Complete paper work for the JSS, Kollam.

3. Mini will go to Sanil's house for the remaining part of her stay out here, in Kerala. Hope she rests her foot during that period.

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