Friday, December 28, 2012

A bad start.

Since I was going home for the weekend, in connection with my dad's remembrance day, I'd decided to drive my Chevy to the office to top her up with fuel and check the tyre pressure.

Wonder what was happening to me this morning as there were hiccups galore right after I'd got up from bed. I'd fumbled many a time on the prayer that I usually say and it took a host of repeats to get it right, finally. The water supply was interrupted due to some unidentifiable reason and I could finally manage a bath-of-sorts with a bucket of water making me remember my Academy days, all over again - of course, I must hasten to add that it was not the water that was at a premium there but time, that was in eternal shortage!

I'd to retrace my steps twice to my flat to pick up things that I'd forgotten and finally, it was kick off time. As I was backing my car out of the slot in the stilt parking, I must have used less of wheel which resulted in the 'kissing' of a Honda City parked immediately behind. And my heart sank because my Chevy, too, had sustained minor abrasions and I'd got her 'dented and painted' just a fortnight ago.

I'd driven off immediately after but had to wait at the railway level cross, enroute, before reaching the petrol bunk within the naval base. Unfortunately, there was no power and Martin, the pump man, sheepishly tells me that there was no electricity and hence, fuel could not be supplied. He, further, added that the power interruption could drag on for a while due to a major breakdown!

On reaching my office, I'd called up Ravi, the caretaker of our residential area to get the details of the owner of the Honda City. I'd then called up the owner and informed him about my lapse and my readiness to pay up for doing up the damages to his car at my expense. His reply, 'Sir, what a surprise. At least you're gracious enough to tell me about it and that makes up for everything. Consider that I've no issue about it', soothed my ruffled feathers and was music to my ears.

That, indeed, was the proverbial silver lining to the otherwise disastrous day. One needn't despair as good, well meaning guys are a plenty!


The rest of the day was cool when your's truly went about doing a lot of things that had to be done and thankfully, there weren't any more hiccups!!  

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