Thursday, December 27, 2012

When invitations elude you.......

Today happened to be a very strange day for me. There were three events happening in the city concerning people who're close to me........I mean, we've shared a lot in the course of life.

Lakshmi's son was getting married. He was a toddler when he'd lost his father in a mishap at sea. The desolate mother, had steeled herself taking in the pain within and brought up the child against all odds. And today, he's an aviator in the Indian Navy and has embarked on a life with his partner. Two couples, invited for the function, had come to meet us as they're pretty sure that we'd be attending the function, considering our closeness. But the fact was that I wasn't invited!

Ajith's daughter was getting married. Ajith and his brother, Anil were youngsters in my house and your's truly was a prefect to Ajith and a house captain for Anil, a year later. And coincidentally, their sister is married to a classmate and friend of mine! He, too, had dropped in for a while at our place wanting to know the reason for our absence at the function. Again, the fact was that I wasn't invited!

The Georges were having the housewarming function before moving into their spanking new villa, this afternoon. We've spent quite a few lovely moments with them over the years. Alex and Asha had come to pick us up so that we could make it together for the do but they were in for a surprise. We weren't invited yet again.

My take.

Why do things happen this way? The three sets of friends that I've mentioned above continue to be my good friends, honest why did this happen? I think it's one of the following reasons or a combination of all of them:-

    (a) Out of sight....out of mind. I've not been regular in my communication with them.
    (b) When important events come knocking, there's a tendency to concentrate on the immediate and on
          those that are fresh in one's mind.
    (c) In any well planned affair, there's a chance of missing out on some of the details...the Mac Murphy's
         law kicking in.

I was sad that I could not be part of those important moments of the people who're close to my heart. And no, having said it, I've no ill will towards any of them.


(a) Here's me wishing all of them the very best in their endeavour in the years to come.
(b) I need to seriously take care of my communications. I should reach out to everyone on a regular basis!

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