Friday, December 7, 2012

My li'l Paro.

Three year old Paro - it's not her real name but the name given by me at our first meeting itself - is my latest friend.

Doll like with dark glistening eyes, her playschool going routine coincides with my office timings. We say our hellos at a half past eight, every morning and I kick off only after seeing her off. This arrangement, has been put in place upon her insistence because on the first day I'd left earlier and I was told that she cried and refused to go to school because 'uncle' had left before her! And she returns by one just as I do, when I come home for lunch. At times, I've to wait for her school van to arrive but I don't mind it a wee bit and it has become a habit. Her mom sees her off and receives her, religiously, everyday.

This afternoon, she had returned earlier than me and as I got off from my vehicle, came running to tell me that her mom hadn't arrived to collect her as yet. I quickly realised that she was complaining to me and naturally, expected appropriate action on my part. And the following thoughts passed my mind:-
      (a) How did she know that your's truly was the president of the residential area?
      (b) Did she think that I'd punitive powers to take charge of people exhibiting errant behaviour - in this
            case, her mom?

I was going through this dilemma, with the li'l one holding my hand when her mom came by to take her away. She was apologetic about being late and attributed her late coming to writing down a complaint in her flat, on the register meant for the purpose in the complaint cell, for the scrutiny of the caretaker. And mind you, I'd not even asked her as to why she was late!

Probably, the whole lot sees the patriarch in me and want to be on my right(?) side!


As I fetched up from my customary walk in the evening, a group of ladies had ganged up to tell me about their water woes over the past few days - the salinity levels of the piped water from the River Periyar has been up, thanks to a technical problem. While telling them about the remedial action taken - they did agree that the water was okay as of now - I was wondering as to why such an abnormality didn't come my way in my house.

Is it that I've a higher affinity or even, weakness for salt? If yes, should I visit my doctor?

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