Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A quiet existence.

I was asked to be at Thiruvananthapuram on 30 Jul, to be made the head of the feeder organisation that provides the administrative/executive umbrella for the Foundation's activities. The executive committee, comprising of 11 distinguished members, drawn from various walks of life, are meeting up for the purpose.  The added factor was that the day also happens to be the 24th remembrance day of my Ammachi and the family had wanted me to join them for the connected ceremony.  

It's a fairly tricky proposition on three counts viz.:-

    (a) Lekha's foot is being bandaged everyday after cleaning and massage to ensure that the graft
          is secure in its place while integrating the newly-formed contours, post surgery into a smooth,
          leveled disposition. It takes up half an hour every morning though her assistant helps me with

     (b) I walk mom - though not really in need of any assistance as she does all her work herself -
           every evening in the courtyard. This, along with two excursions up and down the flight of
           seventeen steps of the main staircase, form her main workout every day! The beauty about it
           is that Lekha substitutes for me in case of my absence and conducts it even better than I do!

     (c) In addition to the above, I've been following a 'siddha' course of medicines for skin eruptions
          thanks to an allergy. Carrying the oils and having medicines alternately, with water and milk
          against a prescribed periodicity is not only a pain but would entail the hosts' indulgence -
          though it's family - and I wanted to avoid it.

I was desperately hoping, against hopes, for the postponement of the meeting. A delay of one week would sort out the factor mentioned at serial (c) above.

This sort of a quiet existence has been in place from mid-May, over a month after the 'yatra' through all the districts of the state. But other important milestones could be achieved during the period.


Finally, the way out is in sight. The meeting has been postponed to 07 Aug!


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