Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Those who kill innocent people are no human beings.

Yakub Memon, a chartered accountant by profession, and 11 others were slapped with the death penalty by the special TADA court in Jul '07 for the 13 serial blasts of Bombay in Jul '93 in which 257 people were killed and 712 were injured. The Supreme Court had upheld Memon's death sentence while commuting the others' to life imprisonment.

Mind you, Ibrahim alias Tiger Memon, the main accused and Dawood Ibrahim, the master mind are still at large. To recap, Memon was found guilty of the following:-

            - criminal conspiracy
            - aiding, abetting and facilitating a terrorist attack
            - illegal possession and transportation of arms and ammunition
            - possessing explosives intending to endanger lives.

My take.

What baffles me is that many social activists and politicians have lent their voice in support of his clemency. Probably, they've arguments for their stand but I just can't comprehend them.

I'm of the opinion that:-

         (a) Those who kill innocent people are no human beings and deserve no kindness.
         (b) They could be brainwashed in thinking that they're carrying out a holy war(Jihad means
               that) and it's futile trying to bring them back to sanity after having committed the crime.
         (c) The rest of the society will always look at them as wrongdoers and hence, their
               rehabilitation and complete acceptance is impossible.
         (d) They, themselves, might not like to prolong their condemned, wretched lives!
         (e) Capital punishment, therefore, is the only redeemer.


Why doesn't education overcome the process of getting brainwashed? It should have helped them to come to the simple conclusion that destroying the life of another is not the done thing.

While in prison, Yakub Memon had earned two masters degrees in English Literature and Political Science from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.  


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