Sunday, July 26, 2015

This is how crazy we, Indians, can be!

I'm just going to narrate a few incidents that happened today, in different parts of the country, to show as to how crazy we can be. And so, here I go:-

 (a) From Bombay. 

       Salman Khan tweets that Yakub Memon - waiting for the gallows on the 30th of this month for
       his involvement in the Bombay blasts of '93 - is innocent and it's his brother, Tiger Memon, who
       should be paraded, tried and punished. Protests were quick to erupt and later on in the day, he'd
       removed the tweet and apologised after being prodded by his dad, Salim Khan.

       And everything is back to normal, thankfully!

  (b) From Calcutta.

        There has been a news item that's abuzz on the social media that stray dogs are being massacred
        indiscriminately in Kerala. It, further, exhorts tourists to keep away from the state whereas this
        forum had pointed out the truth, on the ground, a few posts back. Well, in Calcutta, the film
        fraternity had held street protests, along with dogs, asking everyone to shun Kerala on this

        Truth, the casualty, even with an ever alert media and many television channels per language?

   (c) From Delhi.

         'Kargil Diwas' was being celebrated with the political leaders and service officers paying
         floral tributes at the Amar Jawan Jyothi at New Delhi and many other places all over the
         country. Ironically, the 'powers that be' gave a wide berth to the striking ex-servicemen in
         the nearby Jantar Mantar and other places, elsewhere in every state. They're trying to coax the
         government on speedy implementation of the 'One Rank One Pension'(OROP) which they've
         been promising since ages!

         False show of solidarity with the serving servicemen while shunning the ex-servicemen who'd
         given their best years for the country?

   (d) From Kozhikode, Kerala.

         The owner of a swanky car had parked his vehicle across a main thoroughfare of the city
         after overtaking a bus of the state road transport corporation, for having caused a minor
         damage on its chassis. The bus driver insisted that he'd done nothing wrong while the car
         owner insisted upon financial compensation for making good the damage. A consensus was
         being arrived at to call in the police to sort the matter out.

         With both sides hardening their stand and traffic piling up on either direction, a few 'peace
         initiators' and the already delayed passengers arrived upon a novel idea. Collecting @ Rs.10/-,
         Rs.5/-, Rs.2/- and even Re.1/- from the passengers, they could cough up Rs.350/- to hand
         over to the owner who was satisfied with the amount and drove away!

         Every man, I've heard, has a price. I never knew that there could be such lowly priced ones
         too. What about the time loss that he'd caused to the bus passengers and the traffic snarl that


Does it require anything else to show that we're a crazy lot?   

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