Saturday, July 25, 2015

Baffled, yet again!

1. The Delhi trial court has dropped charges against Sreesanth, Chavan and Chandila in the IPL spot-fixing case, that had rocked the nation two years ago, because the police had failed to make out a case against them. The three were accused of cheating and conspiracy along with charges under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime(MCOCA)! They're banned from the game for life by the BCCI, soon after the police action!

2. What baffles me is that even after the charges have been cleared, the BCCI has reiterated that its ban against the three players will remain. Secondly, Sreesanth consumed almost the entire prime time television of all the Malayalam channels today.......... A sensational case, with tell tale evidence as touted then, ending up in a whimper........does it all add up, I wonder!

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3. The logjam in Parliament continues and no solution seems to be in sight. As reported, Rahul Gandhi has said that the opposition will continue to boycott the session until Sushma Swaraj resigns while the ruling party has said that its minister was willing to have the matter discussed on the floor of the house and that, she'll not resign. In parliamentary democracy, the ruling party and the opposition taking diametrically opposite views is not uncommon but disruptive tactics - of a prolonged nature as it's happening in this case - are never resorted to. Discussions by the sane bring everyone back on to the negotiating table.

4. My question is as to whether the decision to disrupt the session is an individual decision of the inexperienced Rahul Gandhi because the following factors point to such a situation:-

        (a) there are rumblings within the party against the continuous disruption as the party gets a
             bad name that it's running away from discussions within the house.
        (b) the allies of the Congress also don't seem to want to continue this sort of stonewalling
              because by doing so, they're playing into the hands of the BJP.
        (c) more muck is being thrown around its chief ministers and it can have after effects locally.
             Though on this aspect, by showing the other as bad, the BJP can't afford to wash away its
             sins. Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje have to speak the truth and face action.

5. But what baffles me is that by resorting to disruptive tactics why are you delaying the 'reforms process'? You've no right to play with the nation's destiny!

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6. VS Achuthanandan, the leader of the opposition, continues to hurl personal charges at his opponents and the lion's share is reserved for the chief minister. It would have been nice had he also accepted charges against him in a sporting manner. Instead, he's shown a zero level tolerance which is sad. Decency and gentlemanly behaviour necessitate that!

Or is it the way that he wants to prove that he's an 'effective' leader of the opposition to his party bosses? .........Sad at the plight of the founding member of the party!  


There doesn't seem to be a dull moment, ever!

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