Monday, July 27, 2015

Adieu, Abdul Kalam sir.

He'd many names...

        * the missile man of India
        * the mad Indian scientist(What Pakistan called him after the second Pokharan explosion).
        * the people's President!

Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Kalam, all of 83 years, passed into the mist of time at 1852h in the midst of one of his passionate endeavours - interacting with the youth at IIM, Shillong. The media has been covering every aspect of this great son of India and hence, I shall desist from dwelling more on him. He shall be remembered for his simplicity, easy accessibility, minimal requirements and humility.

RIP, Abdul Kalam sir. My tears and prayers for a worthy icon of the country.


We're in the process of acquiring his guidance for our activities at the PN Panicker Foundation, especially with the e-literacy project, after the passing away of Justice Krishna Iyer. I suppose that will remain an unfulfilled dream.

      *                                     *                                         *

Did you know?

Here's an interesting story about why a horse-shoe is considered to be a good luck charm.

Long, long ago in England, there lived a blacksmith named Dunstan. In those days, one of the main jobs a blacksmith did was the making and fitting of horseshoes. On a wild, windy night a man came to Dunstan's smithy asking him to fit horseshoes on his feet. The startled Dunstan noticed that his visitor had hooves and not, normal feet, for, it was the Devil himself.

While Dunstan nailed the horseshoes into the Devil's feet, he'd chained the latter while he writhed in pain. He was released on completion after the extraction of a promise that the Devil would never enter a building which had a horseshoe over the door.

The superstition of hanging a horseshoe at the main door of the house persists even to this day!   


A quiet and uneventful day which ended up in a pall of gloom after the news from Shillong. It was as though one had lost one's own! 

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