Saturday, March 19, 2016

From Guruvayur to Kottarakkara.

Had got up at a half past 4 and found that my mom was up earlier than me. The morning chores were gone through without fuss and by a half past 6, Asok and his mom had fetched up. They're going to travel with us in my Chevy, all the way to Kottarakkara to be in time for the fifth day ceremony of my father-in-law.

We'd kicked off 15' behind schedule against the time that I'd set for ourselves and I'd decided to go on the narrower NH17, for a change. Since it was a Saturday, the traffic was sparse and we're at the outskirts of Ernakulam by a half past 8, in time, for breakfast - I was feeling a bit guilty that I'd delayed the timing for Asok's mother, who's diabetic, but she told me that it was absolutely fine - putting me at ease, perhaps! But she did not seem to have any difficulty, as I observed her. The appropriate eating place needed to have two QRs:-

    (a) The place had to be decent.
    (b) The rest rooms had to be clean and good and
    (c) The parking area had to be roomy with easy ingress and egress.

After a break of 40', we're on our way again. We made a brief 'rest room' break at Kayankulam and also had half a cup of tea each to cater for any delay in having lunch. Both the moms, did exclaim that the break was timely and helped them in moving their limbs after the long drive. The switch over from the NH47 to the MC Road was smooth and we're at Lekha's ancestral house a trifle before 2.

The house was agog with activity for the 'sanchayanam' tomorrow. The houses were packed with the members of the family and the immediate family. Lekha's dad's earthly body had reduced to ashes ready to be sifted and picked up tomorrow morning at a half past 7. The boot that was packed with various stuff was emptied, leaving mom's and my overnighters. Lekha's elder sister, Latha, gave us our packed dinner and we set off for Raj Nivas, half an hour before sunset.

The greenery around has been reduced to rumps after the wood of the rubber trees had been cut and carried away. Mom was a bit sad as she associated the trees with dad's efforts of 30 years. She'd to be mollified and I promised her that the new batch of coconut trees that I was going to have planted, in lieu, will look and yield better in the years to come.

It was a late evening but quite restful at that!


Enroute, short of Kayankulam, my car was stopped by people doing security duties in connection with the election duties. I'd opened the boot as required by them and I don't know what prompted their leader to apologetically tell me but he did, "Sir, I'm sorry this check is on account of the forthcoming elections. We're looking for unaccounted cash and spirits that move rampantly."

The two old moms and Asok were angry that we're checked and they'd wanted me to reveal my identity. I'd to tell them that they're only carrying out their duty and we'd to help them carry out by being co-operative, without fuss!  

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