Sunday, March 20, 2016

The fifth day.

It was the fifth day ceremony. Mom and I had made it in time for the ceremony by reaching Lekha's ancestral house before a half past 7. It was a fairly long series of rituals by the end of which Lekha's dad's mortal remains - three pieces of charred bones from the head, the chest and the foot regions - were put into an earthenware pot, secured firmly and placed in a shallow pit under a Jack tree waiting for immersion after the ceremonies are over.

The fifth day ceremony was simple, full of symbolism and rituals.

We met quite a lot of people who'd dropped by to offer their condolences and the forenoon had passed off seemingly quickly. Mini and Ammu, had arrived by the morning train from Bangalore, spent time with Lekha before they went off to meet Sanil's mother and Ammu's friend who was getting married a few days from now.

So, it was soon after teatime that we'd met up at Kottarakkara to proceed to my cousin, Kala's place to participate in young Abhilash's wedding ceremonies. Being a Sunday, the roads were comparatively free and we reached our destination over an hour's time. The fun and frolic was beginning to take off.

Kurup kochachan looked hale and hearty but his nurse, as well as his children seemed to be exasperated about his frequent visits to the toilet without reasons! I'd a chat with him and on explaining the pros and the cons, he readily agreed to wear a diaper much to everyone's relief and I was in the limelight - much against my wishes, though - for the rest of the evening. The youngsters had wanted to spend some time with your's truly, far away from the maddening crowd and I'd taken the opportunity to educate them on Muthachan's lifetime activities.

A fantastic evening. Wished Lekha was also with us for the occasion!


From a house that was going through the throes of a departure to a house that was getting ready to accept a new inmate, it was a paradigm shift. Another aspect of life!  


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