Saturday, May 21, 2016

A house full of people.

The day had begun on the usual note. We haven't finished our unpacking to the extent that we'd have loved - the entire cycle consists of taking out the clothes from the bags, them being put into the washing machine, on completion further on the clotheslines for drying and ultimately folded into neat bundles on the ironing board, awaiting the dhobhi. Alas, this time it was not to be. We're gonna have guests this evening.

Indira kunjamma, her daughter, Reshmi, son, Kripashankar and his cousin, Madhav were the guests along with the driver, Sujesh they'd hired. They're coming to view the krishnanaattom, story being "Kaaliyamardanam", that Reshmi had arranged to safeguard her husband's health. They'd fetched up much after 2130h and an angry me had to give it to them on arrival, prompting Kripashankar to say that he was seeing me angry for the first time!

After a quick bite of dinner, they'd proceeded to the temple and I'd accompanied them to show them the way. On return, had a long chat with my cousin and was able to clear a few of her apprehensions regarding her son's medical management. She'd to stay back from the temple visit, along with the others, due to natural reasons.

Well, the house is full, yet again! Mom was very excited and was a trifle sad that her sister and her family had arrived so late!

         *                                         *                                          *

Sujesh works for a taxi company, is from a well to do family and was in love with an engineer, who was doing her apprenticeship at the Foundation, a year back. Cupid had struck quite a while back and their romantic liaison was the talk of the office during those initial days. Both, my maman and I viewed their attraction towards each other, as a natural progression, till her parents struck. One fine evening, her closest relations had ganged up to take her away to her house, where she's living at present leaving her love in suspended animation. Both of them have been logging high telephone bills, over the past so many months, keeping themselves updated about one another.

Hope their love succeeds and the couple is able to embark on their life's journey, together, at the earliest!


The walks were nice. Life, in Thrissur district, had come to a grinding halt due to the call made by the BJP on account of one of their party men being killed by the CPM, yesterday, during the revelry of the party's performance in the elections..    

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