Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pinarayi Vijayan and his team take over.

In the run up to the swearing in ceremony of the new LDF government, the people of Kerala were witness to a lot of unusual scenes like:-
    (a) Pinarayi Vijayan's smiling and a more humane visage.
    (b) His initial call on VS Achuthanandan, minutes prior to the latter's press conference after
          being overlooked to the post of chief minister.
    (c) His call on Smt Gauri Amma, with the camera panning her dour looks despite the bonhomie.
    (d) The general atmosphere of festivities whipped up by the enthusiastic LDF supporters.
    (e) Pinarayi Vijayan's press conference warning everyone to be wary of people who masquerade
         as his close ones.
    (f) The swiftness in the formation of the cabinet and allocation of portfolios. In contrast, Oommen
         Chandy had taken, comparatively, a long time to finalise his cabinet as he'd to satisfy many
    (g) The colourful swearing in ceremony at the Central Stadium that had a wide cross section
          of the society as audience.
    (h) Restricting the strength of the ministers' personal staff and advising them to be above board
          like their ministers is sound advice considering the havoc this section had created during the
          Oommen Chandy regime.

Pinarayi Vijayan has begun well and it's my sincere wish that he takes on a zero tolerance towards corruption. It was, however, a mismatch to the overall mood in the dour looks of VS Achuthanandan, throughout the ceremony, even as the new ministers shook hands with him!

The investigation into the Jisha murder case has now been handed over to B Sandhya, ADGP as the follow through of the LDF's persistent charge, during campaigning, that the investigations weren't proceeding on the right lines. What the new government must realise is that such actions demoralise the police force considerably and must be avoided in future.


The Foundation will be keenly looking at what the new education minister and his team does regarding the 'Vaayana Dinam' that's just around the corner. There's a section within the CPM that has always tried to undermine PN Panicker's contributions to the Library Movement because he'd refused to let party politics from vitiating the atmosphere within the organisation.    

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