Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two quick forays into town.

There were a lot of small yet important tasks that were pending and required to be carried out without delay. Hence, I'd left home a trifle after 11 and the first step looked ominous to me. I'd taken my Chevy out of the gate when I saw our neighbourhood eye clinic thrumming with activity and it's gonna be so from now, for a while. Two wheelers and cars were parked within the lane stretching towards my house and driving out, would have involved asking each of the senseless guys, who'd done so, to give way. At best it could be tedious and would require tremendous patience not to fly off the handle and therefore, I decided to take an auto rickshaw for tying up a long list of work.

The rick driver took a circuitous route as the normal route was clogged with traffic thanks to the unprecedented crowds thronging the temple to have a 'darshan' during the 'Vysakha maasam'! An aunt of mine had called up to say that she was fetching up this Saturday for the same purpose - a darshan on this occasion is supposed to augur well for the devotee, on completion!

The jobs were completed one after the other and except for the non availability of the curtain hook, I was able to complete everything that I'd set out for. I'd a very understanding auto rickshaw driver in Unni! The afternoon was hot and gummy. We'd taken for granted that since my friend, Anchy hadn't called up yesterday regarding his firm plans of coming in here, he'd dropped the idea of visiting us on his return from Ezhimala. How was I so sure, when the crow had cawed seriously this morning heralding the arrival of possible visitors during the course of the day? The lady of the neighbourhood, Warriath house had dropped by and soon after, I'd taken mom out for her evening stroll.

As I was getting ready for my usual walk, Anchy called me to say that they're 35 kms short of our place. After a quick appraisal of the time available, prior to their arrival, I'd made a dash for urgent purchases and missed getting caught in the thundershowers by a whisker. The Anchies came in soon after, along with their elder daughter, Sneha and her two children -Neil and Luke.

And it was a wonderful, boisterous evening subsequently!


Caught up with the Anchies from where we'd left last!   

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