Monday, May 9, 2016

An interesting story.

I'm gonna tell you a real life story. It's about four siblings who lost their father recently. Their mother had passed away about two decades back. The first two are girls, followed by a boy and finally, a girl. The youngest sibling's husband is the main protagonist of this story and taking the hint of an old Tamil superhit, I shall name him, 'Raja part Rangadurai'(Rangadurai in the role of the king).

Since the father had not put down the distribution of his assets in writing, the siblings had gotten together after all ceremonies related to the funeral were over. Rangadurai was visible almost everywhere, going out of his way to be good to everyone, showering gifts to one and all, together with frenzied interaction with the elders that mattered - regarding the division of assets, that is. To be in their good books was important for him to put his scheme of things into motion, as the people around were going to realise in due course of time.

He first got around the brother and another guy, who's pretty close to the family to support his plans to divide the assets. To begin with, he read out to the still grieving siblings that their father had authorised his wife to take hold of the assets and distribute it in the manner that she deemed fit - from a piece of paper that mysteriously disappeared soon after!

What did him in was the undue hurry that he showed in the process. After selecting the best  part of the property, he'd got the papers ready and egged the two elder sisters to reach his place to affix their signatures. The sisters smelt something fishy for the following reasons:-
        (a) the registration process was being done in Ranga's backyard
        (a) the advocates were his friends and
        (c) his wife was the overwhelming beneficiary!
Both the elder sisters, then ,did the next best thing - expressed their doubts about its efficacy. Ranga went into an uncontrollable fit of rage.


Poor Ranga has realised that his machinations and the carefully orchestrated plans had come to a nought. The biggest blow is that the family elders have realised his complicity and almost everyone whom he'd cultivated have started deriding him.

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