Monday, May 30, 2016

Some quaint feedback.

Lekha and her assistant had gone to the priest nearby to trace the missing valuables. Yes, earlier this month such an incident had occurred much to our consternation and the culprit can't be pinpointed!

It was Lekha's assistant who'd mooted the idea of going to the priest whose services had been employed by her mom during a difficult situation, earlier. The gentleman seems to have a large clientele. These were what he'd to say:-

      (a) The valuables have been swiped by someone known.
      (b) It will be retrieved shortly.
      (c) Some corrective offerings to certain deities were mandatory.

Lekha had returned to seek my endorsement and I've decided to go by her suggestions. Let time prove the efficacy because there's nothing else that we can do at this juncture.

As a part of my evening walk, I'd gone to the town to pick up small things that needed augmentation, during my absence for the next couple of days as I'm off early morning tomorrow to complete the second phase of farming. The requisite saplings and workers are ready.

I got a taste of the boorishness of two men who refused to ferry me through the rains to a waiting autorickshaw, wonder why? But soon after, it was another autorickshaw driver and his family who'd arranged a vehicle for me to be dropped at the railway station, early morning tomorrow.


(a) Had mom's tablet broken into three quarters - something neither she nor Lekha can do - for the period of my absence.
(b) The packing was done, had a final word with the caretaker to confirm that everything was taped up and in place for execution.
(c) Had got an invite for a gentleman's retirement do. He's, incidentally, Kamalamma chechi's third son.

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