Sunday, May 22, 2016

A quiet Sunday.

The day had begun with a lot of action as Indira kunjamma and gang had gone to the Guruvayur temple for an early morning 'darshan'. She'd got herself and her family a special permission to have a quick access into the sanctum sanctorum. Despite that, they'd to wait till about 9 o'clock as an important 'pooja' was under way. Just another beautiful example of 'Man proposes, God disposes'. Consequently, they'd returned by about 11 and were headed back to Thiruvananthapuram, half an hour later with a promise to be back on 05/06 Jun for another tete-e-tete with god!

I'm amazed with their perseverance to visit the temple time and again at the slightest pretext. What, however, gives it a nice hue is that they like spending time with us!

The pending work at settling down, post our return, was recommenced and given an impetus. A lot more needs to be done. I also made it a point to answer each and every mail received by us on the occasion of our silver wedding anniversary. It was a delicate job as I wanted our personal touch in each reply, to take away the exasperation that could have set in because of our prolonged silence, all this while. They do not know that I'd forgotten my laptop, you see! And one can't hide behind the cliched answer that one was busy when there were no reasons to be so and also when one wasn't, at all!!

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Tomorrow, the RLV-TD(Reusable Launch Vehicle - Technology Demonstrator) will be launched by the ISRO from its launchpad at the Sriharikota complex. It will be yet another feather on the ISRO's cap and the front runner to future interplanetary shuttles on the lines of RTC buses and the airlines' planes.


A quiet Sunday. We could have had another set of guests today, in the Ancheries, but my delay in answering the call spoiled the chances as they're passing by, enroute to the Naval Academy. They'd be dropping by on the 25th, on their return leg!


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