Sunday, May 29, 2016

Two years of Modi rule.

The Modi government celebrated its two years in power on a specially erected stage at the India Gate in New Delhi. Perhaps, as a government, it needs such jamborees to highlight what it's done; otherwise the noteworthy happenings get stifled by the opposition's onslaught on its inaction - wrong perceptions can stick and prove to be damaging at the time of the reckoning, during elections!

As a common man, I'd like to do an assessment on the subject. How has it affected me? What has changed from the state of affairs during the times of the Manmohan Singh government? 

    * There's a general feeling that we, now, have a Prime Minister who's strong and means business.
    * Though the drive for cleanliness has taken off in a big way, the actual levels achieved in many 
       places is abysmally poor. The drive has been effective only in certain big cities!
    * The myth that the minorities were unsafe during the reign of this government has been proved
    * The fear of the Hindu fringe groups having an upper hand has also been found to be false,
       occasional utterances from a few of these, notwithstanding.
    * In foreign affairs, there has been an all round success. Judjing from the feedback received from
       friends, relatives and news from abroad, the pro active diplomacy of the government has 
       provided a tremendous boost to the confidence of the Indian diaspora living all over the world.
       We've a peaceful coexistence with our immediate neighbours but Pakistan continues to be a
       thorn in the flesh and China continues to put impediments to our interests despite positive
       overtures from our side. 
    * Probably because the political dispensation that runs Kerala is different, the tautness of the 
       government services at work have their own characteristics. However, since cases of corruption  
       are immediately reported upon and action taken, as also given wide publicity by an active media
       the government servants are more approachable and helpful.
    * Beef has, suddenly, become a bad word. There are people who've stopped having it for fear of
       reprisals from fringe groups. 
    * Jobs are available but our attitude remains obnoxious - like for eg:- a Malayalee always prefers a 
       white collar job and shuns menial jobs - the consequent flow of workforce from the north east is 
       what we see these days in Kerala.
    * Technology is slowly inching towards the poor.......the boom of wi fi in removing the problems
       of bad connectivity is one such example.


Progress is being made but the caution should be that our values cannot be wished away in the process of inducting technology and making great strides towards overall prosperity!

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