Sunday, October 22, 2017

A cute engagement ceremony.

Had got up at a quarter to 5 and had gone through the morning chores. Anto was at the gate, promptly at 6 and without much ado, we set off for Mannuthy, the point of rendezvous. He was eager to engage in a conversation as I was reciting the 'Vishnu sahasranaama sthothram'. Eventually, I'd caught up with him without having to ask him to leave me alone as I recited my prayers. Meanwhile, Rema had called up to say that they'd left Palakkad by a 10' to 6 and a simple calculation of distance and the speeds - after all, they'd engaged a professional driver - it was reckoned that it would take a little over an hour for them to reach the meeting point.

And as per clockwork precision, they'd fetched up at the spot just about a few minutes after my arrival. Anto was, soon, dispatched and we resumed our journey southward. It was a beautiful sunny day. Breakfast was at an eatery, soon after Aluva and we were at the venue by a trifle past 10. Barring a few members of the girl's family, the rest of the crowd was yet to descend. We could, therefore, get vantage seats and got to meet everyone of our relatives as they trickled in. I was seeing them after a long lapse because I'd missed the last get together of the family.

The 'muhurtham'(The auspicious time) of the engagement ceremony was after 12 and the proceedings were well conducted with no unnecessary detours/interruptions. The marriage will be on the 3rd of December at Thiruvananthapuram. Akhil and Rithu looked good as a couple. It was nice meeting up with relations and catching up.

The return trip was uneventful as Kunjan, our 'sa'arthi', wove through traffic and surged ahead. The only stop, enroute, was at the wayside eatery about 10 kms beyond Angamali but its masterpiece - the banana fritters - weren't available. So the others could not get to know the taste of the delicacy!

I was dropped off, soon after the Paliyekkara toll and I got a bus to Thrissur, just as I alighted from the car. By the time I reached home, it was a quarter past 5. A debrief was given to Lekha about the entire trip and also about the inquiries from everyone about her illness.


1. A nice, short trip and a tremendous opportunity to catch up with my folks.
2. Padmakumar and the others reached Palakkad around 1900 hrs and Mini, Ammu and Midhun took off for Coimbatore immediately thereafter and reached Coimbatore by 2215 hrs.

Missed Vichani kunjamma at the ceremony.

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