Saturday, October 7, 2017

An afternoon outing.

Lekha's dental appointment was at 1400 hrs at the Vasan Dental Care, near Ayyanthole. A root canal treatment was to be performed on a lower premolar that was giving her a bit of a discomfort. Dental treatment is contemplated after taking all factors into consideration because of her SLE background. It cannot be trifled with as no mistake is permissible because it can result in the flaring up of the illness, one's told.

The concerned tooth stands precariously with the gums having receded considerably. It's, however, being retained as it supports the dental furniture that is in place. There was a discussion between her doctor at Kochi and the one here before putting down the plan of action. George, our chauffeur, had come around a half past 12 - on my calling - to enable us to be in time for the appointment.

George, incidentally, wasn't keeping well of late. On 21 Sep, his face had taken a contortion all of a sudden and he insists that he wasn't under any tension, any pain or was he undergoing any form of discomfort towards the run up to the incident. He was quickly taken to the hospital and with timely administration of medicines, a paralytic attack that could have been the culmination, was pulverized. The veins on either side of his forehead had bulged and luckily for him, there were no blood clots! He's just 62 years of age and I think the episode has shaken him. But he continues to pursue his driving assignments.

I dunno whether it was a rogue observation but I found him to be driving faster than usual. Was there an unconscious effort, on his part, to cram in as many events as possible due to a paucity of time? He did tell us that he'd be proceeding to Thiruvananthapuram by the Intercity Express, leaving Guruvayur at 0300 hrs, in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, to look up his grandson who'd undergone an accident, requiring three stitches on the bridge of his nose. And no, he's going all by himself and will return tomorrow. As he left, he waved me a good bye, quite unlike his usual self of smilingly driving away! Or was it all my imagination?

God, please take care of him and ensure that he's blessed with abundant good health.


Enroute, we'd visited the Airtel store and they, too, were surprised that my cellphone wasn't activated as yet. Another new sim was issued and a request for upgrade was given though the end result, by evening, was that the set would only receive and send emergency calls! Consequently, I was without a cellphone for over 24 hrs and only hope that there were no calls that require my urgent indulgence. 

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