Friday, October 20, 2017

When not everything went right.

Dateline 19 Oct.

Lekha was in a bad shape. I’d taken her to the Rajah Hospital for meeting up with the pulmonologist only to be told that she came to the hospital in the afternoon. An attempt to visit her at the clinic, nearby, ended up in a huge gash on my Chevy’s rear bumper thanks to my clumsy backing of the vehicle which hit the electric pole in the restricted space just outside her clinic. It was past 10, she hadn't arrived and we saw a few patients already in queue. Hence, we beat a hasty retreat!

Since the appointment was at 3 in the afternoon, I’d taken off for the Geeyem’s service station to admit my vehicle for corrective action, fully aware of the fact that nothing would move till the Diwali weekend was over. Manikandan , the technical adviser, estimated a ten day admission as the spares required that much time to reach here from Pune/Bangalore! Anyway, I was glad that the car was handed over for repairs. Otherwise, parked in the porch, the sight of the gash – day in and day out – would have been heart rending.

We met the pulmonologist, finally, around a quarter to 5. When she said that Lekha’s chest was clear, I heaved a sigh of relief. The delay in starting up with the antibiotics and meeting up with the doctor – it was almost a week – hadn’t aggravated the illness. Thank god for minor mercies! The doctor did tell me that she’d recognised me; her husband, a medical specialist, had treated my mom during her final days.

I skipped the walk this evening too, as I tried to catch up on a few pending work..

By night, Lekha’s cough had lost its ferocity and the ailment seemed to be slowly getting under control. Phew!


Why am I careless while handling my Chevy?

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