Friday, October 20, 2017


1. Lekha's Medical Condition.

The medicines prescribed by Dr.Sodhi have begun to show their effects on Lekha's medical discomfort. Her fever has become a thing of the past and the cough has reduced, both in frequency and intensity! Yet she will not be able to travel and attend the betrothal ceremony of a nephew of mine that is taking place tomorrow at an auditorium in Punnappra, near Alappuzha. The course of antibiotics is for three days and there's one more day to go.

2. My Cellphone and 4G.

It was on the 12th that I'd got the 4G spectrum activated on my cellphone after the removal of the initial glitches while we're at Thiruvananthapuram. I'd requested for an international roaming regime with the service provider. The following were the experiences:-

    (a) The international roaming was pathetic because it was active only on the first and the last days,
          wonder why. The internet was non existent(I was told that I'd not specifically asked for it. I
          must admit, it sounded odd to me. I mean, anyone who takes an international roaming without
          the net facilities to go with it, is a goddamn fool).

    (b) One of my friends in our group was desperately wanting to contact his children and since his
          cellphone was erratic, I'd offered him mine to make the connect.

    (c) At the end of it, an exhorbitant bill was messaged to me. Sunil Mittal and Airtel must make
          their profits for the services that they provide but not at a cut throat rate, pse. And why's
          the service provider silent over the 'no coverage period'? A loyal customer cannot be treated

On cross checking with a few others, I understand that such miseries are common. In other words, the telecom service providers do not care about their customers and the only thing that they care about is their profits. What a sad state of affairs? 

3. The farming Activities.

It's time for the removal of the wild growth on the outer perimeter and the third level of the property around Raj Nivas. It took time to get suitable workers to do the job and along with it, manure will be applied for all the coconut trees. The caretaker had also informed me that an old coconut tree within our compound had got uprooted in the recent rain and winds which needed to be cut and disposed away. That's an added task.

He also reports that the rubber trees are quite healthy after the recent work on them. Must make a trip after the work is over.


A quiet day otherwise. 

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