Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It just cannot be!

Was saddened by the news that hit the headlines today. The Justice Sivarajan Commission has found former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy guilty of having molested Saritha Nair along with a few other politicians. Consequently, the government has announced a vigilance probe into his conduct in the sordid case.

Is this an end to his illustrious political career? Is the over the 70 year old gentleman guilty of such a stupid act? Could he be lured into doing such lurid acts?

To my mind, it's not possible. An extremely hardworking politician, he literally burnt the midnight oil, working for the welfare of his people. His frequent mass contact programmes with the common people, to alleviate their difficulties and find immediate succour, thereby cutting through bureaucratic apathy were hailed as a novel means of administration by none other than the august body, the United Nations! He was awarded for his efforts and it was this event that raised the hackles of many of his political opponents, quite a few were simply jealous! It's the concerted efforts of a few from that segment who must be laughing in glee at such an ignominious outcome.

From then, started the discrediting campaign and he wasn't spared of criticism on anything and everything that he did, the witch hunt had begun. That his chosen men in the chief minister's office, who were nothing short of criminals - wonder why he'd them, there? The logic beat me, then. I mean, why didn't he surround himself with clean, well meaning guys? - hastened the beginning of the distrust among many people.

It's my fond hope that he comes out of this muddle, clean, through the vigilance probe. We, his admirers, will eagerly look forward to such an eventuality. As I sign off with this hope, I can't help but recall two of his acts that endeared him to me.

(a) Years back, he had just taken over as the youngest home minister of the state. He was visiting 
      Kottayam and reservations had been made for him and his accompanying staff at the government
      guest house. A few hours, prior to his arrival, PN Panicker had sought a room for himself . The
      manager, who knew him well and had initially denied accommodation, provided him with the
      room that was meant for the home minister with the rider that he had to vacate it prior to his
      arrival. PN Panicker, exhausted with his day's efforts and suffering from fever, was fast asleep
      and could not be woken up when the time had come, putting the manager into a state of panic.

      Soon after midnight, the home minister reached with his cavalcade and on being told about the
      situation, lauded the manager and said that the guest house was meant for people like PN 
      Panicker, who worked tirelessly for the people. He, then, went on to use another not-so-special
      room to spend the night!

 (b) The long time that he spent beside the body of PN Panicker, on his passing away, showed his
       tremendous respect to the people who were genuine workers.

Odd reasons to conclude that he hasn't done anything wrong, you might counter. I've just quoted two instances of him being a genuine person and therefore, would come clean off these dark days. I wish him the best.


The long drive from Guruvayur was trouble free except for the traffic blocks that we'd encountered towards the end. There was a comedy in not being able to open the boot which was eventually overcome. The evening was spent with three of my classmates along with their better halves. It was a late night!   


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