Friday, October 6, 2017

Coping with technology and atrocious attendant services.

Lekha and my nephew, Achu had bought me a brand new cellphone in June as mine was hopelessly erratic. It goes off and has to be restarted periodically. The call drops are an added irritation. I was simply lethargic as I wasn't even aware as to whether the company had a store at Guruvayur or if they had one, as to where it was. And all my queries on their electronic address turned out to be futile!

Both of us have Airtel's post paid connections. Finally, I'd got the location of the store from a friend of mine and we'd headed for the place this morning. I intended to clear the following pending work:-

    (a) Link up our connections with the Aadhaar as per the latest government directives.
    (b) Convert both our existing 2G connections to 4G, hoping that it would enhance the efficiency
          and coverage and perhaps, reduce call drops.

In the process, I'd hoped to activate my new set too. Viswanathan, at the store that we'd headed first was helpful, though he was unable to help us because he only dealt with 'pre-paid' connections. He, however, told us about the two stores at Chavakad and Kunnamkulam and recommended the latter as the former was incapable and would not be able to execute my requirement.

I wonder as to why the telecom companies do not provide professionals - at least they should  provide the people, manning the booths, with the right training to enable them to do their work correctly - who're efficient enough to help the customers with their requirements/queries and thereby achieve their employer's objectives. The fact is that the service providers charge for their services and are yet to give satisfactory answers to our queries about the continuing call drops, the TRAI directives, notwithstanding! The general experience is that the companies are harsh in their retribution if, god forbid, the customer is in the wrong. It should be so to sort out errant customers but don't the service providers, then, have the responsibility to be strict, unwavering and uncompromising about the quality of their services?

We, finally, headed for the store at Kunnamkulam where the helpful young lady and the lad went about our requirements to the best of their ability. There were customers who're trickling in and hence, we took leave of them without wasting their time on our doubts, which were aplenty. In the hasty exit, I'd forgotten to take down their contact number about which I was gonna rue later.

A full 12 hours later, though the 4G services have been initiated on Lekha's cellphone, albeit with glitches, mine continues to be working on the 2G. 


I wonder as to when the service providers and businessmen realise that the customer is king. I'm sure they understand that they can only survive with the patronage of each of their customers! 

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