Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Chevy has been admitted!

I was anxious to hand over my Chevy to the service station to initiate the repairs and had gotten up at 5. Realising that it was too early, I'd gone back to sleep which turned out to be my undoing. When I woke up next, it was beyond a quarter past 6 and I went around my morning chores without wasting time. My walk had to be given the go by. I could kick off for the service station, 25 km from my place, before 10.

Manikandan - who'd left the company about three months back had returned - was assigned to be my 'Customer Adviser' and had smilingly come towards me to take stock of the situation. I couldn't recall his name, then, but was happy to have him, assist me. The formalities were gone through and I'd instructed that the insurance cover be used for making up the damages. So, there goes my 'no claim bonus'. Well. one can't have everything you see!

In the meanwhile, the aggrieved party - consisting of a threesome that had an elderly gentleman, the father of the kid who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident, a middle aged, khadi-clad gentleman who, obviously seemed to have a political hue(Was he there to talk a few tough words to me in case I turned out to be difficult to handle?) and a youngster - had arrived at the premises, at my beckoning. They wanted Rs.6 grand as damages and I'd handed over the cheque without any haggling. They left soon after and I was glad that the episode had become a closed chapter!

Manikandan had dropped me at the bus stop from where I got my return bus. After a few domestic chores like handing over the clothes to the dry cleaners, buying fruits, dropping the credit card cheque at the drop box and collecting the receptacle from the hospital to hand over my mom's urine sample, for tests, tomorrow I was back home for a delayed lunch.

It's only this afternoon that I'd begun to breathe easy as the sight of the badly mauled Chevy brought me the guilt feeling of having brought it upon myself, through my bad driving and my impatience....... all the while, since 31 Jan.


Justice KS Paripoornan had passed into the mist of time yesterday. He was 94. He was a great admirer of my grandfather. I remember our visit to his house at New Delhi in the evening of 12 Dec '94 where my grandfather and he had a long chat over various issues with Maman and me being the silent listeners.

RIP sir. My prayers and tears.

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