Sunday, February 14, 2016

The events of the day.

It's a quiet Sunday and the day progressed at a snail's pace. The normal household chores were gone through as part of the day's work and more over, they're exercises for the body as I give myself a rest on Sundays insofar as the morning walk's concerned.

 1. Mohanachandran is at Mannuthy.

     My classmate and his wife, Manju were at the Agricultural and Veterinary College at Mannuthy
     in connection with the 60th year celebrations along with their college alumni. They'd
     initially planned to spend a day, after that, with us which they changed at the last moment as
     something had cropped up and consequently, they had driven back to Thiruvananthapuram with
     a promise that they'd be dropping by next month.

 2. At the chemist's.

     My customary evening walk was towards town as I'd to replenish mom's and Lekha's medicines
     for the coming month. The chemist that I frequent is open all days, including Sundays. Moreover,
     it gives me the opportunity to visit the Guruvayur temple on the return leg. It did take some time
     but with the medicines in hand I was headed home when the proprietor of the shop intersected me
     as I was negotiating the last 700 mts to my house. Profusely apologetic, he said that he'd erred on
     the addition of figures in the bill and had charged less and would I allow him to rectify the mistake
     on the road side itself as he'd to get back to the shop without anyone knowing as to what had
     happened. I'd obliged him without a second thought because I didn't want to be the cause for his
     financial agony!

 3. The interesting aspect of the Municipality's water connection.

     As I'd said earlier, 'The Quarterdeck' is now buttoned up to the municipality's water distribution
     system. But there's a strange twist to it! The water distribution, currently, is erratic and therefore,
     the supply is restricted to a few days of the week. It's gonna take another six months for the
     augmentation of the existing facilities, from the southern grid, for the consumers of Guruvayur
     to be benefited with round-the-clock water supply. In view of the foregoing, a new customer
     is supposed to certify that he/she will not complain about the non availability of water once the
     system is buttoned up! They're only responsible for the laying of the system. Period! Kerala
     Water Authority ki jai ho!!

     Then, why did I go for the connection you might ask. The reasons are:-

         (a) Once the system starts distributing water, continuously, on a regular basis six months
               from now, getting a new connection would entail a long waiting period!
         (b) The connected documents become yet another 'proof of one's residence' and
         (c) I'd not engaged any middlemen/touts.


The next task is to convert the Haryana registration of my Chevy to that of Kerala's. I'm
already in possession of the NOC from the RTO of Gurgaon and have registered my request through the local 'Akshaya' kendra. Hope it isn't gonna take too much of time but in one's life, out here, there never is a dull moment! 

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