Monday, May 9, 2011

Augustine MP.

My mom and I were at the Vasan Eye Care for her cataract surgery of the right eye. The team at the Eye Care was efficiency personified and there was orderliness everywhere. The patients and their attendants were tended to with care and given the right amount of help! The counters are manned by young recruits who're ready to engage the visitors with a pleasant smile, giving crisp directions so that there's no confusion, whatsoever.

As we're waiting for my mom's turn to go for her surgery, Mr. MP Augustine, a fellow patient on the neighbouring bed, was a continuous source of entertainment with his smart one liners and witty anecdotes and I must say, he'd lightened the mood of the gathering in that big room. He was in his early seventies, with a tall and imposing personality and had a booming voice.

The best quip of his was when he asked the sister for the refund for the catheter, that she pulled out off his wrist once its requirement was over!

And yes, 'MP' are his initials but he says that people go out of the way to look after him because they mistake him to be a Member of Parliament!!

I could get mom, post surgery, for lunch at home. The cataract surgery has become so simplified compared to what I'd seen earlier. Cheers to the marvels of technology! She goes for the surgery on her left eye tomorrow and I'm surely gonna miss Mr. Augustine MP!!

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