Saturday, May 7, 2011

On a short trip again.

As desired by dad and mom, we're off to Palakkad this afternoon.

But, the start was stormy in a sense. Getting dad from my house on to the lift and then into the car was a Herculean effort. Every step that he took was with a lot of hesitation - wonder why especially because of the fact that he'd desired such a trip. He seemed to have lost confidence in his ability to walk - and presented a sorry spectacle! (My suggestion of using a wheelchair was vetoed without hesitation). A passive observer would have taken it as me forcing my dad to do something much against his wishes! And at the end of it, as he took his seat, he wanted to go round the corner much to my annoyance. Quickly correcting myself, I let him do just that with the deft use of a mug and a bucket that I carry in the boot of my car, these days.

The drive to Palakkad was nice and we'd a wonderful evening at my sister's place meeting a lot of new people. More importantly, my parents were glad to have made that trip as my dad had conceived this journey ever since I'd returned from Delhi. The next morning saw us driving back to Kochi via Guruvayoor, meeting a few relatives and friends enroute.

A smooth drive without any glitches, meeting lots of people after what seemed to be a long time and above all, the fulfillment of my mom and dad's wish made the weekend very, very special!

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