Thursday, October 13, 2016

A day of monitoring!

Mini had left Bangalore by a quarter past 6 by the Intercity Express. Sanil, Achu and Ammu had given her a royal send off by driving down to the railway station before setting off for their individual work places. The train chugged along as usual and stuck to its schedule. Rema had hopped on to the train at Palakkad and the two of them had lunch together. Thankfully, the railways were kept out of the ambit of the 'hartal'!

They'd got off at Thrissur before 3 and had to wait at the railway station till the 'hartal' ran out of time and steam. I'd specifically asked them not to venture out as there were many places in Kerala where the 'hartal backers' had gone berserk, damaging public property and even misbehaving with the common man, who'd ventured out in dire necessity.

No political party should be allowed to get away with such nonsense. The reasons are aplenty and I'd like to spell them down:-

     (a) Public property is not a punching bag for anyone and everyone. They can neither be tampered
           with nor destroyed, it's akin to waging a war against the state. The hooligans responsible, 
           need to be taken to task and exemplary punishment meted out without delay.
     (b) The common man has the right to live his life. He pays taxes, abides by the rules and is 
           obedient. He's perplexed that guys who don't fulfill the fundamental duties of a good citizen 
           are getting away with murder.
     (c) Political parties may play their politics, religious organisations may spell out their suggestions
           to their followers but none of them have the right to cock a snook at the Constitution nor the
           power to cow down their fellow citizens.

Rema and Mini, had caught an auto rickshaw and reached 'The Quarterdeck', through pitter patter rains, a trifle before 6 and I was able to breathe easy.

I'd a short walk and on return had taken my Chevy to the petrol pump, that I frequent, to top it up with fuel and to check tyre pressure. We're now ready to take off tomorrow, early morning at 6!


Some asses needed to be told as to what they were as they'd begun to get cheeky on our What'sApp group. It has had its effect!

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