Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The events that are taking place these days, the world over, make one wonder as to whether these are the trend of the times or just a one off incident. It would be prudent to look deep into such phenomena to find out whether a pattern exists. So, without much ado, I shall delve into a few of them:-

  (a) Inebriation can help in passing off unruly behaviour!

        Last Saturday, Rajanandini, a social worker and artist was asked by Aloshius - all of 58 yrs -
        whether she could spend the night with him. Consider the fact that they'd never ever met before!
        She gave him a tight slap and had him accosted by two people among the crowd to hand him
        over to the police. Since she'd to catch the night train, she'd performed the journey and registered
        a case at the police station today. The venue was platform no.1 of the Ernakulam North railway

        The reactions of the crowd and the police have been bizarre. Here's a take:-

          (i) The Police. "Oh! He's inebriated, as usual!"  They're lethargic in carrying out necessary
               action. So, if you're inebriated, you can get off with, even, murder!

         (ii) The people.   No reaction despite the cries of the social worker and her attempt at 
                                      catching hold of the culprit who took flight. Thankfully, two guys helped
                                      nab him.

          Thankfully, the case has now been registered and let's hope that a quick action is taken! I must
           also laud the two young men, who on hearing the distraught lady's pleas, had nabbed the

   (b) Donald Trump losing support from his own party men!

         Come what may, once a man is chosen by a majority to become a party's candidate for
         being the President of the United States it's understood that the entire party ranks rally around
         to ensure his/her win. But in this case, it has been the other way around. Why is it happening?
         Let me try to put down my thoughts by asking a few questions:-

            (i) Is Trump detested by the normal/conventional politician who lies outright to project
                 himself as a righteous man not having done anything wrong and can do no wrong?
                 He has shown more or less his true colours, thus far, from an outsider's point of view.
           (ii) Are the media and the other major stake holders feeling threatened about their many
                 misdeeds being exposed and consequent retribution, in case of a Trump presidency?
          (iii) Do they consider Hillary Clinton to be a formidable opponent? She seems to be having
                 more warts and moles than Trump. If at all she wins, I'd like her to do so on her strengths
                 and not because of her gender!

         PS. And what's that old saying, "Only rats leave a sinking ship!" They might be totally wrong
               on that and Trump can come back with flying colours!! His ship ain't sinkin' as yet!!!


The politics over the surgical strikes is continuing. Our politicians can be mean, very mean and can stoop to any level!

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