Friday, October 7, 2016

Trysts at Kochi.

We're up with the lark this morning and li'l Shanaya was sad that we're leaving after spending only an evening with them. Her drooping spirits were lifted when her school bus had arrived and on the consequent sighting of her classmates!

The dental center was in the process of opening with cleanship going in right earnest while we'd fetched up at a 10' to 9 and Mrs. Sandeep, at the reception received with a spontaneous warmth. She was shocked to hear about mom's passing away and was quick to add that she could never forget the date of 04 Sep, because it was on this date last year that her husband, Dr. Sandeep had passed into the mist of time, after a massive stroke and he was only 44 yrs! We saw her eyes welling up as she recalled that horrible day!!

Vishnu, a member of my staff from the Kollam outfit, had arrived by then with the cheque books and a few other papers. After seeing him off, I'd a word with the doctor attending Lekha who'd tried out the dental furniture on her and has asked us to visit him on the 14th when it would be finally delivered. He, too, had expressed shock on hearing about mom.

Our next stop was at Shenoy Care at Kundannoor and Lekha was seen by the doctor by about 20' past 12. Since her parameters were within limits, he did not have much in the form of advice but there's a concentrated effort at tending the liver! We're at my cousin's place at Gandhinagar, in time, for lunch. Ramakrishnan had shut shop for the day and joined us for lunch. We're off to the naval canteen to buy our monthly stock and on return, I'd dropped Lekha at my cousin's office as they'd an urgent outing that had been worked out earlier.

It was a quiet evening with Ramakrishnan, exchanging notes and catching up from where we'd left last. A boisterous dinner and a late evening were the highlights!


1. Ramesh, my classmate and friend from school, seems to be thoroughly excited by our stay at his place, tomorrow and his wife, Bindu had called us many times to ascertain even the minutest details. Damn sweet of them!
2. Driving through the maze of Kochi's traffic was yet another experience!!
3. Have not entered Ramakrishnan's mother's room to meet her as Friday is considered inauspicious and I didn't want to buck beliefs or ridicule them by doing otherwise. Will meet her tomorrow!!!

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