Sunday, October 16, 2016

Running errands.

The early morning call from Sathi chechi, at Guruvayur, was about Radhan chettan - the eldest child of P Kesava Panicker, Muthachhan's brother - having been admitted at the Amala Hospital, following a heart attack. He'd visited us a day prior to our departure from there, saying that he just wanted to sit and talk with me because it was soothing for him! He told me about old times, having carried me around, when he had become part of our joint family on the passing away of his father and studied classes IX and X in '60 at Thiruvananthapuram. And a lot more about his life.

He'd left reluctantly and that, too, on the insistence of the auto rickshaw driver who was in attendance. Over the last three years of our stay at Guruvayur, he has gotten close to us and used to look forward to his trysts with mom. I can never forget the way he cried as he clambered on to the ambulance to have a last look at mom's body insisting that he, too, was accompanying us. His frail health and the regimen of medicines that he was on and Sathi chechi's recommendation otherwise, made me use all the persuasive powers that I had, to convince him to stay put! .....Hope he's out of the hospital by the time we get back.

       *                                *                                 *

The day was quiet with the four of us in continuous conversation about a host of things. It has been firmed up to renovate Raj Nivas and spend time here, more often, now that dad and mom are resting here.

Rema and Mini had gone to the family's 'Kosappilly temple' nearby and were in time to have breakfast together. I'd my day's 'trysts with my parents' during which they're informed about the programme for today - a habit that I've been following ever since the passing away of my father when I used to be in conversation with him during our frequent visits. ................Some of you might have concluded that I'm mad, huh!

The evening saw us visiting the 'Thrikkonnamarkodu temple' nearby and the 'Ganapathy kshethram', at Kottarakkara, despite the rains, as the girls wanted it.

It was a quiet evening, thereafter, with us discussing Ammu's marriage, our parents' closeness their frequent fights towards the latter years, notwithstanding and a host of other topics!


Tomorrow, each of us go our ways - Mini, to Sanil's place, in the morning and then, off to Bangalore by the evening train and Rema, to Pidavoor, to be with Padmakumar's mom for the week. In the morning, Rema and I have a tryst with the land officials regarding the survey carried out on our parents' property.

And we'll be headed for 'The Quarterdeck' on Tuesday morning.


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