Thursday, October 6, 2016

To Kochi for Lekha's medical review.

There were a few things to be tied up like going to the bank, paying the chemist a pending Rs.80/- and to drop a cheque covering the credit card bill for the month. Lekha had, meanwhile gone to the nearby Mammiyoor temple to do a puja that was to take care of the bad 'phase' that I  was going through. In fact, it was the 'Mrityunjaya homam'. Very kind of her!

After an early lunch, we'd set off for Kochi around 2 o'clock. I was driving our car for the first time after mom's passing away. I was reminded of the last drive, in it, when we'd gone to attend the wedding at Ayoor and mom was with us. Her absence, yet again, underscored the fickleness of life! I kept glancing at the rear seat, expecting to see her familiar face by some sort of a miracle! The road was comparatively less clogged and we'd taken the NH17 to reach my friend's place around teatime.

Murali, another friend of our's was also there with us for the evening. His daughter, Saranya, is in the family way and we fondly remembered her childhood when she used to play with us. Time has flown and the little one was gonna be a responsible mother shortly. Spoke to her when she'd called up her dad.

              *                                  *                                      *

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day with Lekha's twin appointments with the dentist, first and Dr. Shenoy soon after. Vishnu, from my Kollam office, meanwhile, will come to collect my signatures on a few important papers.


And we would shift to my cousin's place by lunch time.

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