Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Murders, 'hartals' and apprehension.


Kannur has seen a spate of killings, over the years, as part of an ongoing feud between the CPM and the RSS. The leaders have been quick to lay the blame on the opposition camp and have done mere lip service in the form of laying wreaths, shedding copious tears and holding rallies to mourn the dead. They've stood in the way of an everlasting peace in the area as it would question their very existence and make them irrelevant! It's left for the families and the near and dear ones to cope with the loss.

What amazes me are the following:-

    (a) The leaders are not keen to tackle the problem once and for all. Instead, they show it as the
          effectiveness of their leadership which is directly proportional to the number of scalps they've
          to their credit.
    (b) The followers, despite being educated and fully aware of the fact that they're being used as
          fodder to satisfy the egos of their leaders, seem to be willing to be led this a way. A lure of
          compensation for the near and dear ones, once they attain martyrdom, perhaps?
    (c)  None of the children of these leaders have anything to do with such activities as they're
          undergoing schooling/higher education in the best schools abroad only to return and occupy
          plum postings as witnessed in the latest 'appointment-of-relatives' scam that the LDF
          government is buffeted with. Relations come first and merit be damned, seems to be their
          motto! And mind you, no political party is an exception to this game..... everyone's the same!!

The aftermath of a murder is followed by a 'hartal' called by the aggrieved(?) party. It becomes a nightmare for the common man due to missed schedules, loss of opportunities, in addition to the loss of time, money and energy! Who benefits from the 'hartals' and are there any positive outcomes of any such staged loss of valuable man hours and productivity are the two questions that will never be answered by the perpetrators of the 'heinous crime'!  

The pantomime.

This morning, Nimith, a BJP worker was hacked to death in broad daylight as a tit for tat for the CPM worker, K Mohanan's murder on Monday. The BJP has called for a dawn-to-dusk 'hartal' tomorrow.


The apprehension.

My younger sister, Mini, is leaving Bangalore at 6 tomorrow morning, by the Intercity Express and was supposed to meet up with Rema, at Palakkad for lunch and together, come to Guruvayur so that we all could proceed to my parents' house at Kottarakkara, the day after, for the 41st day prayers for my mom on the 15th. It's my sincere hope that the rail movement is not affected.

We've already altered the schedule. Rema will now, join Mini by boarding the train at Palakkad and they will disembark at Thrissur from where they shall be picked up and brought to 'The Quarterdeck'.


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