Saturday, October 1, 2016

These are my queries....

I've a few queries about the happenings of the recent past. I wonder why such doubts should ever creep in if everything was transparent. Let me list them down:-

 1. Why the secrecy?

      The medical status of Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, has been a mill for gossip
       to all and sundry, so much so, that the social media had even gone to the extent of reporting
       that she's on ventilator support. Rumour mongering is our national I wish
       the hospital authorities and her party bosses had come out with daily medical bulletins to brief
       the people - regarding her actual condition - through the media.

 2. Total prohibition is impossible.

      The Patna High Court has struck down the liquor ban imposed by Nithish Kumar, the Chief
      Minister. It doesn't need much intelligence to understand that it was a political gimmick on his
      part to garner votes. Doesn't he understand that total prohibition is a pipe dream because it's never
      implementable? What he should have done are the following:-
            (a) Ensure that clean and unadulterated liquor is provided at government owned outlets and
            (b) Meanwhile, educate the masses in a sustained manner, through government agencies with
                  the support of well meaning NGOs, the need to control consumption to acceptable levels.

 3. China, again at its diabolical best!

     China has once again put on hold an international move at the UN to ban the Jaish-e-Mohammad
     chief, Masood Azhar, for 'want of evidence'. Is it again its way of supporting its all weather ally,
     Pakistan, at this juncture, when India had carried out surgical strikes of terrorist training camps
     on its soil, last week? When will it ever learn that its covert policy of not allowing India to prosper
     even at the cost of encouraging terrorism is like playing with fire?

 4. China carrying out water wars?

     The blocking of a tributary of the River Brahmaputra in Tibet to construct a massive hydro-
     electric dam - the Lalho project - costing Rs.4,966 crores is definitely gonna impact the flow
     of water into the lower riparian countries, especially India and Bangladesh. Isn't it a blatantly
     hostile action? We need to counter it diplomatically by garnering world attention and raise it in
     the UN!


Is Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, guilty of the fact that he did not fight for the rights of the native blacks while he strongly advocated for a just and equal position for the Indians, vis-a-vis the whites, in South Africa? It's true that he'd had not taken up their case, but it would be distorting the historical truth that he considered them inferior and that impression must be corrected, forthwith, in the wake of opposition to the erection of his statue in Ghana.


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