Sunday, October 2, 2016


The reactions to the surgical strikes carried out by our army commandos, across the LoC, continue to
emanate from all over and one can't help but see the unreasonableness in a few of them. So, without much ado, let's visit a few of them that have come from certain worthies.

 1. Nothing as grand as '71!

     Congress' motor mouth, Digvijaya Singh has said that while surgical strikes carried out across the
     LoC, by our commandos, is a step in the right direction it's not as spectacular compared to Indira
     Gandhi's success during the '71 Indo-Pak war.
     My take. How does one compare apples with oranges? You can have your political battles and 
     differences but for heaven's sake do not be small to ridicule an opponent to impress your leaders
     to get into their good books!

 2. We must initiate talks with Pakistan.

      Sitaram Yechury of the CPM has gone on record to say that we should initiate talks with Pakistan
      to solve issues. The all party briefing regarding the strikes would have clearly given the rundown
      to the launch of the strikes and being fully aware of the sequence of events leading to the current
      situation, no one, would recommend talks as of now!
      My take. Yet another grandstanding by a political party who's in the opposition. You don't have
      to sing praises but be matured in your reactions, please!

  3. A new investigation.

      The Kerala government has initiated a new round of investigation on the infamous, "Solar scam"
      citing a pending case reported by Saritha Nair about her exploitation by politicians of varying
      hues. It needs to be understood that the Justice Sivarajan Commission, is still in the process of
      investigating the case. The government has justified its action by saying that the commission is
      only covering the 'financial irregularities' whereas the new investigators will zero in on the
      sexual exploitation angle!
      My take. I was always under the impression that whenever a case is investigated, it covered 
      every aspect of the crime, ascertaining the role of the protagonists and in this case, the sexual 
      angle is an important factor. Yet another factor to prove the politician's convoluted mind - a
      piecemeal investigation of a case, to while away time, as public memory is woefully short?

  4. Much ado about banning Pakistani artistes.

      There has been a hue and cry over a trivia like banning the artistes from Pakistan working in
      My take. While it's fully acceptable that art should be untouched by politics, what seems to
      have been deleted in the claims vs. counterclaims is the sad fact that the Pakistani artistes had
      refused to condemn the tragic death of 19 soldiers during the Uri terror attack. That's what's
      unacceptable! You come for a livelihood in India, receive our hospitality and then refuse to
      react to our woes brought in by your guys. If you say that you're scared to do so because of
      negative reactions from your people then, it's better to get back to your people to be free from all 
      complications! Why ridicule our hospitality?


1. I find that a meaningful feedback is being worked out regarding the 'Swachh Bharat' activities. It needs to be monitored to ensure zero error as plenty of money is being invested on the programme. What seems to have been forgotten is that the scheme is meant to set right an age old bad Indian habit of defecating in public spaces!
2. A complaint received from my uniformed friends - both in and out of them and that includes me too - Lt Col Kapil Dev, Lt Col Mohanlal, Lt Col MS Dhoni and Gp Capt Sachin Tendulkar have kept a studious silence on OROP and the pay anomalies. I still don't understand as to what's expected of these worthies as the brand ambassadors of the services they represent. One thing is for sure, there hasn't been any avalanche from the youngsters of the society wanting to get into the armed forces, after their induction!



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