Monday, October 3, 2016

The extent to which a country can lie.

Pakistan has gone into a tizzy, post surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army on terror launch pads within Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The disarray is palpable because of the following reasons that are considered blasphemous by an average Pakistani, let alone whatever is bothering the powers that be:-

  (a) An egg on the face of the Pakistani military establishment that its arch enemy was able to carry
       out a clean operation, deep within its territory without its knowledge.
  (b) There must have been a massive loss of 'terrorists-in-waiting' during the operations that the
        terror tap to ingest more of them into Kashmir will certainly have to be shut down, at least,
        temporarily(The Baramulla terror strike the day before has been by one of the sleeper cells
        inducted into the valley, earlier!)
  (c)  Pakistan has been found to be lying, in the eyes of the other countries of the world, regarding its
        persistent claims of not aiding and abetting terror.
  (d) The terrorist groups that are nurtured by the Pakistani military establishment and the ISI must
        be clamouring for a tit-for-tat to avenge the killings by their military masters.
  (e)  A tremendous loss of face for the Paki army chief who's poised to retire in the near future.
  (f)  Nawaz Sharif, the puppet prime minister, has to take 'tough' decisions - actually, orchestrated by
        his GHQ - to show that their democracy is alive, kicking and functional.
  (g) Diplomatically, the country has been put in a difficult position thanks to the series of right
        initiatives on the part of India.
  (h) Even the slightest indication of the lowering of the esteem of the armed forces among the people
        will weaken its hold over them and hence, the need to show that it has never erred and all of               these have been false propaganda on India's part to show it in bad light!

So, what does it go and do? It takes certain foreign correspondents on a flight, over PoK, to show the real(?) truth.

My Take.

I'm trying to make out as to what they must have shown to the predominantly American pressmen.
Let's see:-

    (a) Look, no terrorist camps.
    (b) Look no signs of an encounter/destruction of recent vintage in the area, tomtommed
          by India?(The efforts made by the Pakistani military to clear the area, prior to the flight,
          must indeed have been stupendous!)
    (c) During this while, the Pakistani military stationed at the borders begin unprovoked firing
          into Indian posts to retaliate for the Indian Army's incursions on the LoC and there's naturally,
          a volley of return fire. Look, it's the killings of the Pakistani military men during the return
          fire, that India is claiming as 'surgical strikes'.

And the results? During the evening's broadcast of the World News, the CNN's newsreader - a PIO, mind you. It can't be more authentic, if you please because even, Indians abroad can't stomach the story. Got that? - expresses doubts about the 'surgical strikes' because of the claims and the counter claims from both the sides!


In other words, what Pakistan is implying and wants the whole world to believe is that the Indian government, its Army, its National Security Agency and above all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his party men and the entire opposition are telling lies by drumming up a story about 'surgical strikes' to show Pakistan, in bad light!

Come on, Nawaz Sharif and gang, how many can swallow your cock and bull story? Give us a break and try to shun terrorism, for a change!   


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